Sunday, 9 March 2014

ThorntonRC A.G.M. 13th March 2014


The Chairman Michael Winsor and Secretary Gordon Davis hereby give notice that the Thornton Road Club A.G.M. (Informal) has been arranged for Thursday 13th March 2014 at the Red Lion Pub starting at 6.30 pm.

In an attempt to avoid getting caught up in too much red tape, and over running of time (there are now two new posts to be filled), procedures will be fast tracked where ever possible.

Please send proposals and seconds to Secretary Gordon Davis by 3pm Tuesday 11th March 2014.

N.B. There will be no financial statements available at this meeting, they will be finished at a later date.

Presentation Night

Will be at the Ship Inn at Dymchurch 12th April 2014 starting 7pm.

Gordon Davis

Note: Please Email proposals to the club Email or use the contact page (title any correspondence 'Proposals'). Proposals must have a name of a second club member who also backs the proposal. I will endeavour to get a hard-copy to Gordon on Tuesday.