Monday, 17 March 2014

Club Reminder - Inter-club 10 mile TT - 22nd March 2014 (Q10/8)

The Inter-club TT is this Saturday morning. As promised I've put together a little picture tutorial for all those who seem to still get lost, even though having ridden it before. To be fair, this course does only get used for this event these days.

Map below - This is only a guide and not accurate in mileage, its 9.9 miles, so the start and finish are a bit out, but not by much.

I suggest riding to the start on the course, you can get to the start via Norwood lane but its very rough for racing tyres.

Guide below shows junctions once started.

First Left turn below

Second Left turn below

Go past Village Hall then turn Left - shown below

 Continue to T-junction - Be Prepared to Give-Way - Turn Left - Shown below

Last and not least - Turn Left - Shown below

Continue to finish.

Hopefully there will be Marshall’s on every junction but if not I hope this guide helps.