Saturday, 9 November 2013

Yet another complaint about ThorntonRC Road Etiquette...

This time to other cyclists...

This has been a comment on the content page for a couple of months, just in case no one has seen it I'm posting it here.

Considering on your web site you promote:

'Ride Etiquette - SAFETY - RESPECT - FUN'

I feel the members of your club that were out on Sunday 25th need a reminder. My wife & I had just turned right out of Newchurch onto the Bilsington road and just passing the left turn to Ivychurch when we heard a rider behind shout 'left turn' to our horror we were then passed in front and behind by riders turning left. This was as, I'm sure you can appreciate a very dangerous manouvre not only for us but it also meant some of the Thornton riders were on the wrong side of the white line after the turning.
It also frightend my wife who has just started riding again after a nasty fall, she had to brake to miss riders cutting in front.

Not impressed by your riders disregard for other road users safety.

Come on guys!