Tuesday, 8 October 2013

KCA 12 Hour 2013 Club Results

This years event took place on Sunday 1st September, but the official results were only published last week and then only for the male riders. Since our only female rider, Louise DNF I felt I could report on the other Thorntons.

9 Thorntons were on the start sheet of 72, Bey DNS along with 4 others.

The rest of the field started in still but chilly conditions at Bethersden following the same course as last year. Ashford roundabouts, Rye/Camber and Rye circuits followed by a loop off the Marsh via le col d' Hamstreet to the Ivychurch circuit, it's all to do with left turns.

At about 3.30 pm it was off the Marsh to Sugarloaf, again via le col d' Hamstreet, although this time it seemed much steeper and longer to the finishing circuit which is basically the Q10/37.

You then keep going round and round until one of the timekeepers tells you that, much to your relief  your time is up. Conditions remained good throughout the day, although the wind increased mid morning and stayed fairly strong until the finish.

The provisional results showed 58 finishers with 8 DNF, including our own Louise and Steve Trek. Most of us were down on our previous apart from John, who gained an impressive 10 miles for a very good 212.729 and Malcolm gaining nearly 3 for 173.997. Don, oh dear, really felt he was going to blitz it this year but finished with 203.624. Trevor a good total again with 199.475. Russ was disappointed with his 194.290, but was still up on his vet standard by 11 miles.

It's easy to forget that Russ is 64, I know he looks it, but he certainly doesn't act it. I finished with 236.392, down 5 on last year.

Special thanks to the many Thornton members out on the course all day giving us welcome support, and the support from other clubs, you couldn't cycle past anybody without getting a cheer or a clap.

Esther and her team again ran the event very well on the day, most of them putting in more hours than the riders.

First time rider Michael Barnes of Aprire Bicycles RT had the best total of 269.509, narrowly missing out on the Kent record.