Friday, 30 August 2013

Story of a Wannabe Boy Racer – Year 2 (continued)

As I have been lazy writing up my races they have now all blurred into one. Sufficient to say my positioning in the larger bunches is bad, I know where I should be but somehow end up towards the back. I have problems with sprinting out of the corners probably because I am at the back and am receiving the fill whiplash effect.

I have had a couple of ‘moments’ one good and the other bad.

First the bad, on the 16 May I was hit by a car that didn’t stop when they were coming onto a roundabout, the roundabout was the junction 11 one near Hythe. It was a ‘big off’ which eventually left me 40yards from the collision, as I was dragged along by the car, lying in the middle lane of the 3 lanes. Luckily a car in the middle did stop in time so live to cycle another day. I am having physio on my left knee but my bad shoulder is now a lot worse as it took the initial impact with the car and then the road. However I really believe I was the luckiest person alive that day to get away so lightly from the crash.

Next the good news, I won a race at the Gravesend Cyclopark on the 18-June-13


Place Riders Name Club or Team Cat
1st Phil Stone Thornton RT E
2nd Dave Smith G.S. Avanti F
3rd Terry Devine Braintree Velo F

I think about 15 or 16 riders started.

Other results

09-June Hog Hill 14th out of 27 finishers
23-June Surrey 7th in category
07-July Surrey 8th in category
28-July dropped after 30 miles and packed