Friday, 30 August 2013

Junior Thornton RC update Summer 2013

Junior Thornton RC Update Summer 2013

An update to let the club know a little about what the youngsters have been up to over the summer 2013.

  Fowlmead, near Deal, has superb track facilities that offer traffic free, pot hole free and smooth surfaced cycling along with a cafe and toilets. It has been the epicentre for the Summer Series this year organised by Thanet RC. 

An open invitation for any youngster saw Jack, Matt and Toby race over a six week period. Each meet included an age categorised individual time trial, a bunch race and the chance to meet other young riders, make some new friends and compare kit enabling a few Christmas List suggestions already! The boys did very well with both Jack and Matt attending enough races to score points and finishing second and third overall in their U16 age group, which included some excellent Thanet RC cyclists. 

Matt will have the opportunity to compete in this category again next season, whilst Jack will move up to U18's. Jack was rewarded for his dedication and commitment during the series with the Coaches Award. Recently the trio have been trying their skills at Time Trialling. With a variety of machinery to propel themselves around the sometimes windy track they should be very proud of their times so far this year

Jack has succeeded in a 24.40 for his most recent attempt over 10 miles and an impressive 2up time of 23.44.

Matt’s efforts in the individual TT this week (for the first time in two years) saw a cracking 27.33 in the individual TT without any TT bars.

Sorry Matt, but your low TT position prevented me capturing the grimace on your face!

For his first ever TT, Toby clocked in a 30.27 last week and 29.22 this week! A 2up with Dad the next day saw, much to Dad's relief, a 28.14!

In addition to Fowlmead, Jack has been competing in other events finishing 2nd and 3rd in the regional Thanet RC series. Jack is keen as mustard!! He has absorbed himself into the sport this season which reflects in his strong performance during the club runs alone.

Fishing has occupied some of Matt’s weekends along with his passion for Mountain Biking, but despite these distractions he has shown great strength in the club runs. 

Toby continues to get stronger every Sunday and seems to be catching the cycling bug too....sounds expensive!
Our other young rider, Sam, has been regularly riding with the fast group this summer. Although he hasn’t competed during this season, he intends to next year. A fourth very talented young rider to watch out for in 2014!

I think you will agree that we certainly have an inspired generation coming through the club and hope that you can all support and encourage them in their efforts, it does make a difference.