Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Time Trial Update 2013

A fair bit of activity to catch up with.

On the 5th May Wigmore CC held a 25 on the Q25/8 which had Brian storming round in 1.13.59 and Russ just behind with 1.15.17.

A week later John Laker with the help of many Thornton members organised the VTTA 30 on the Q30/2 for the second year running. John and daughter Louise led off the field on the tandem producing 1.20.19, Brian starting later managed 1.29.36.

Wednesday 10th May John the lone Thornton entered the Ashford 10 on the Q10/38 got round in 26.55.

The following Friday it appears that John and Richard did a 2 up at the Rye 10 on the Q10/33 returning a 26.33.

The next day on the same course Southborough and District Wheelers held their re- scheduled 10, a favorite event with Eric who had a very respectable 31.24.

Sunday and it was up to the Q50/1 for the San Fairy Ann 50, a tough up and down course. A real good effort by Don to make the start line finished with 2.24.55.

Finally John took part in the Ashford 10 last Friday and finished with another steady 26.21. A quick mention of our brave boys in the recent Lord Whisky, good effort lads.