Monday, 18 March 2013

Thornton Road Club’s AGM 2012 informal report

Thornton Road Club’s AGM 2012
Fresh, Succinct, Orderly
(An informal report by Eric Bates: ask the club secretary for the official minutes)
Delayed through an assortment of reasons, the club’s 2012 Annual General Meeting was eventually held on 6 March 2013 at 7:30 pm in the bright large meeting-cum-breakfast room of the Red Lion Hotel, Hythe. Nineteen club members attended including the Chairman (Mike Winsor) and the Secretary-Treasurer (Gordon Davis). The meeting’s 12 scheduled agenda items and 3 impromptu any-other-business items were considered and resolved in less than an hour, with little or no discord.
Comprehensive minutes of the 2011 AGM were not available because the general disarray of that meeting had diminished the prospect of writing an accurate, concise, and complete record. Accordingly the secretary-treasurer had written abridged minutes of that meeting which, as the first agenda item of the 2012 AGM, he read out. They were approved by a show of hands. Remarkably, in view of last year’s argumentative assembly, there were no matters arising from these minutes.
In separate brief reviews of the club’s 2012 achievements, the chairman and the secretary-treasurer both expressed immense satisfaction at the club’s performance in sportives and time trials, particularly the 24-hour time trial, and both hoped for continuing competitive progress. In a pecuniary tone, the secretary-treasurer reported that, to date, only 31 members were fully subscribed for 2013-14; in case anyone had forgotten, subscriptions were due on or about 1 February in any year.
The meeting moved on to the election, or re-election, en bloc, of club officials namely the chairman and race secretary, the secretary and treasurer, the clothing secretary, and the touring secretary. By a show or hands, Mike Winsor, Gordon Davis, Russ Mason, and Ian Fowler were respectively installed in these posts. The post of social secretary, formerly held by Toni Spain, had become vacant. Toni believed that new blood and fresh ideas were needed in the role and she had stood down. No candidate had emerged before the meeting, but at this point Russ Mason volunteered for the post. His appointment was duly endorsed, as were those of nine runs captains (Trevor Hall, Richard Foster, Danny Frost, Bob Sanders, Trevor Hammond, Carol Foster, Heidi Hammond, Sarah Pringle, and Pat Geary). And, in a new post, Luke Klugman was endorsed as secretary for the London area.
Two proposals for specific cycling events in 2013-14 were approved, i.e. an East Kent inter-club two-day three-stage event (a 3-up time trial, a 10-mile individual time trial, and a circuit race at Fowlmead) to be initiated by Malcolm Strickland. And organised club rides in France, to be arranged by Don Houghton.
Three further proposals all endorsed by the meeting added potency and structure to the main social event of 2013. There is to be a Saturday night Christmas event in a reputable venue that would be organised by the new social secretary, assisted by a new committee (Gordon Davis, Nick Farrer, Danny Frost, and Nick Wood). The event would include a short presentation session (perhaps of half an hour) of club trophies and other competitive merit awards.
London member Luke Klugman was working on a dissertation for his degree in information technology. That dissertation related to the hypothetical computerisation of a cycling club, and would include, among other things, the use of electronic questionnaires to enable a club to seek timely opinions from members on important matters. Luke’s dissertation would be completed in September 2013. He had already consented to TRC using any of the ideas that he would advocate, including electronic questionnaires. The meeting now endorsed in principle, and if suitable, the use of the Klugman questionnaire system.
The secretary-treasurer advised that the club could save about £200 a year by ending the awarding of achievement medals, to be replaced by the awarding of achievement certificates. The meeting articulated the need for such certificates to be well-designed and to have dignity and gravitas. It was also thought vital that a ‘historical roll of honour’ be created and maintained so that contemporary performances in specific contests could be compared with past performances. Members endorsed this proposal.
As for the last of the agenda items, the meeting endorsed the proposed increase in subscriptions, from £12 a year to £15 for senior members who wished to ‘race’ in the coming year. ‘Race’ was to be broadly interpreted and appeared to include time trials, hill climbs, road races, and track or circuit races. So if members are relatively young and strong and wish to demonstrate their prowess in competitions of any kind, they should be safe and pay £15 a year.
When the chairman asked if there was any other business, there were three respondents. First John Laker reminded members that he was organising the KCTT/VTTA 30-mile time trial scheduled for Sunday 12 May this year. He was seeking volunteers to help on the day: marshalling, results board at the Hamstreet HQ, and others. Those who helped so constructively at the equivalent event in 2012 may like to render service again this year. They, and anyone else who is interested, should call John Laker (see the CTT Handbook 2013 for details). Second, Eric Bates pointed out that he and Richard Foster, as monitors of the annual financial statements, had asked in their 2012 report that the AGM endorse and approve the annual statements. Copies of the narrative annual reports had already been circulated to club members. The meeting duly endorsed the annual reports. And thirdly, Heidi Hammond said there was an urgent need to install a subscription reminder system, because many members were unsure about when subscriptions became due. She volunteered to help. With the aid of the secretary-treasurer, she could computerise the membership list, including email addresses, and then despatch necessary email reminders that would expedite collection of subscriptions. The secretary-treasurer agreed amidst cries of approval from members, and he promised to make available the membership list promptly.
And with that, the chairman closed the meeting by 8:23 pm.