Friday, 29 March 2013

Thornton Away Day - Torture 40 at Mile End, Henley

Thornton Away Day - Torture 40 at Mile End, Henley

Details of the ride on Sunday 7th April 2013

Those that fancy a changeling ride next Sunday but no too long in distance can join us on the Torture40.

The ride is being led by a guy myself and Bob met in the Pyrenees and the plan start time is 10:30/11ish, but I'll confim timings nearer the day.

Feel free to pass the word around but please bear in mind this is not an organised event in any way : just a bunch of us meeting up for what would otherwise be a social ride but will inevitably involve both gurning and swearing! 

‘Torture 40’ - A circuitous 70km route around the most feared climbs in the Hambledon Valley
The ‘Torture 40’ was first run before the millenium with the aim of devising a circuit that would include the most savage climbs in and around the Hambledon valley. Originally a 40mile ride, the route has seen some adjustments in recent years and currently takes in ten strength sapping climbs via a 43mile loop starting and finishing at Mill End car park, nr Henley. The terrain turns that 43miles into a 2 1⁄2 to 3 hour grimpeur challenge, with sub 2:30 being an “elite” time.

Torture 40’: this climbs ten of the sharpest hills around the Hambledon Valley. The route map is also available at: