Thursday, 14 March 2013

KCA 3 up Team Time Trial 2013

On Sunday was the ever popular 3 up, this year very well run by TriSpirits Bob Burden and a host of helpers. The event far exceeded the limit of 120 riders ( 40 teams ) meaning 5 teams were on the reserve list, including 2 teams from Thornton, Russ, Richard and Brian 3rd reserve and Danny, Nick and Andy ( no previous time ) 5th reserve.

Don, John and myself got in, not because we were good, but had a time in the event. As it turned out 4 teams pulled out prior to the day meaning Russ, Richard and Brian got a ride, but sadly Danny, Nick and Andy didn't get the chance to don club colours.

As you well know Sunday was a very cold day with a biting north easterly wind making the leg from Brookland to Ashford hard, add to that a shower of rain on the higher part of the course making the roads feel greasy, conditions were not good.

From my point of view after a final team tactics talk with 2 minutes to go (in fact it was the only team talk ) we had a solid start, Don being the strongest had John and myself trying to cling on to his wheel, as the race went on we evened out a bit and had a good finish.
In true Thornton style we crossed the line all over the road having to overtake a team making their way to the start.

A finishing time of 1.06.49, down 4 minutes on last year but good enough to place us 17th. Russ, Richard and Brian fared slightly worse with Brian not feeling good on the day, finishing in 1.16.23, still a very good performance averaging nearly 20 mph.

The event was won by the Arctic Sram RT trio with a stunning time of 54.18, beating second placed Thanet RC by over 2 1/2 minutes.