Sunday, 3 March 2013

Agenda for the Thornton RC AGM Wednesday 6th March 2013

  • To read the abridged minutes from the 2012 AGM
  • Matters arising
  • Committee Reports

1. Proposed Gordon Davis, Seconded Michael Winsor

Election of Officials  EN. BLOC.

Chairman and Race Secretary             Michael Winsor
Secretary and Treasurer                      Gordon Davis
Clothing Secretary                              Russell Mason
Touring Secretary                               Ian Fowler
Social Secretary                                 Vacant

Runs Captains

Trevor Hall, Richard Foster, Danny Frost, Bob Sanders, Trevor Hammond, Carol Foster, Heidi Hammond, Sarah Pringle, Pat Geary.

Secretary for London Area to be Luke Klugman.

2. Proposed Malcolm Strickland, Seconded Gordon Davis.

That the ThorntonRC in conjunction with another club run the East kent 2 day finishing at Fowlmead. Comprising of a 3up TT  a 10 mile TT, and a circuit race.

3. Proposed Donald Houghton. Seconded Gordon Davis.

Donald to organise trips to France via Eurotunnel.

4. Proposed Toni Spain, Seconded Richard Foster.

To organise a Saturday night Christmas event for 2013 (to be organised by the social secretary and G.Davis, Nick Farrer, Danny Frost, and Russel Mason.)

5. Proposed Toni Spain. Seconded Richard Foster.

Include a short presentation in the Christmas event (no separate presentation event)

6. Proposed Toni Spain. Seconded Richard Foster.

Form a subcommittee, to support social events for 2013 (Constituting of the Social Secretary and G.Davis, Nick Farer, Danny Frost and Nick Wood)

7. Proposed G.Davis. Seconded M.Winsor.

To accept the principle of Luke Klugmans project of Questionnaires.

8. Porposed G.Davis. Seconded M.Winsor.

To replace club Medals with certificates except when a member wishes to pay for it themselves or an offer by a third party. (possible savings to the Club approx £200 per annum)

9. Porposed  G.Davis. Seconded M.Winsor.

That those senior members, who wish to race (including one event only), should pay a subscription of £15 per annum.

Please Note
In order to encourage a more orderly meeting this time. The following restrictions will apply. All those attending, proposing and seconding, must have paid their annual subscriptions by 7pm 6th March 2013. The meeting will close no later than 8.30pm (Should the meeting become ‘Out of Order’ it will be closed and declared Null and Void)