Monday, 26 November 2012

The Summarised discussions from the Curry/Social evening

Here’s a summary of what was discussed at the Curry/Social evening.

Club Finances

· It was thought that less cash needs to be held by the club and that it should be reduced by paying back Gordon some of the money that he is owed by the club.

· It was acknowledged that one of the main needs for cash to be held by the club was to purchase TRC clothing but if cash held was reduced this could be sorted by getting members to pay up front for the clothing.

· Expenditure on trophies should be reduced as it is currently at around 75% of the club’s income. People thought that trophies for juniors are worth purchasing but only existing trophies should be retained and engraved as necessary.

· It was thought that the asset value of the TRC clothing and trophies should be reduced.


· It was noted that there is very little official communication from the club committee on events, etc. and as a result club members arrange their own events/gathering/etc.

· The blog is currently the most effective tool for communication and seems to work well for organising club events or participation in events.

· People did find that there is an issue that people also organise things separately from the blog which meant that events/gatherings/etc. are being organised without all club member’s knowledge. For example, not everyone knew that club members were going over to watch the stage of the tour this year that finished in Boulogne-sur-Mer. It was thought that if a committee were having involvement in the organisation and communication of these events they may be better communicated.

‘Special’ Events

· Don wanted to arrange regular trips to ride in France traveling via Eurotunnel. It was thought that there was no problem with this and the easiest thing would be to use the blog as a communication tool.

· Danny was planning to arrange some longer rides next year, perhaps once a month. Probably starting earlier on a Sunday.

· Nick and Danny are planning to do Flanders next year. It was mentioned that another member was also planning to do it; Nick or Danny will put the details on the blog.

Club Runs

· The club has a large number of members with a wide range in abilities and as a result there is some difficulty in getting the optimum groupings for riders. It was thought that the gap between the fast group and intermediate group is quite significant.

· Some people thought that it was good to have a fast group that can go as fast as it likes without worrying about dropping people. It was thought that the current fast group tends to surge and part of this is because of waiting for people. · It was also thought that some people were put off the fast group as it was too fast.

The suggested solution was to create a ‘Tempo’ group which would have a leader that would maintain a ‘Tempo’ pace. The fast group could then go off at the speed they wish and in the event of being dropped be picked up by the Tempo group. This hopefully will also help give people the chance to bridge the gap into the fast group.