Monday, 29 October 2012

Medal Time at KCA Reliability Trial 2012

Team car view of Russ & Michael

This Sunday witnessed a reasonable turnout at the KCA reliability trial with Russ and Michael doing the 100m circuit and Don, Diesel, Paul, Phil, Scott and myself opting for the 100km circuit.
The attendance was below what was anticipated due to man flu (Bob) and the threat of bad weather (you know who you are!). Unfortunately, Richard and Steve did not make the start having slid off on black ice on route to the start. Fortunately there were no broken bones.

With temperatures just above freezing, we set off at 8:00am heading up Challock Hill within 10 minutes of the start. Once we were past Charing we began to warm up with the first part of the route undertaken from the memory of Phil and myself.

After Smarden, we resulted to reading the route card and made most of the required turns apart from one which was at Goudhurst, with a recent change in name of a public house being are undoing. Luckily, we were in Don's old stomping ground and his misspent youth soon put us back on route as we headed for the first check point at Claygate.

Having had our card signed, Scott decided to full off, comedy style, as we left, as his cleats became locked in his pedals. Apart from bruised ego, he was ok and keen to continue. Having lead for the first half I was looking for an easier second section. But I again found myself at the front with Diesel and Phil as we pushed on to Linton Hill.
At this point Paul was having a "bad day at the office" and despite the low temperatures reached the summit with flesh exposed. He then sought recovery by consuming copious quantities of chocolate bars and Red Bull as we pushed on to the final third. With Diesel now locked on to his tri-bars, we headed for Headcorn, down the main road which can be best described as hairy! With 10 miles to the finish I found myself back on the front as we pushed for home. I must say that I am not used to working so much for Don (at all).

As we turned right at Bethersden for the final 5 miles, I felt well I have been on the front most of the day, I might as well stay there! As we hit the final rise before the finish Don jumped out and shot over the A20. As luck would have it, the official was talking to another competitor and as I arrived I passed my card for signing ahead of Don by 1 second.

As I told Don, the records will show this result of this autumn classic! With medals handed out (not by Kate or even Pippa Middleton) we headed for home.

It was a good ride, but I felt like Jens Voigt as I had given Don an armchair ride round the 63 mile circuit. Don you owe me big time!

Word of warning chaps, please don't leave those medals in any night clubs unattended!

For those of you who missed it, hopefully see you next year. The results are below:

100 mies Russ and Michael 6hrs 45mins

100km Don, Diesel, Danny, Phil, Paul and Scott 3hrs 43mins