Friday, 10 August 2012

Time Trial Results Update

A couple of weeks to catch up with, on Sunday 29th July Nick (Thorntons most improved tester of the year) entered the De Launne CC 25 on the Q25/8 and returned a very good 1.03.18.

Tuesday 31st July was the turn of TriSpirit to host their 10 on the Q10/1, John entered on his fixed 81 inch ( thats the distance the bicycle travels with one revolution of the pedals ) and returned a 27.11.

The following morning I took part in the VTTA 10 @ 10 on the new Q10/37 and produced a dismal 26.55.

That evening John entered the Ashford Wheelers 10 on the neighboring Q10/38, again I believe on his fixed and returned a 27.38.

On Friday it was John again at the Rye Wheelers 10 on the Q10/33 with a 25.33.

And finally on Wednesday John and Don entered the Ashford Wheelers 10 on their Q10/38 and returned good times of 24.57 and 24.36.