Monday, 30 July 2012

Mersey Roads 24 hr TT 2012

Russ, John and myself along with Tess, Gerry and Rachelle in support made our way up to Shropshire for the 69th running of this event. This years edition incorporated the RTTC and VTTA National Championships.

The course started at Farndon Sports and Social Club with rider No 1 going off on Saturday at 13.01, we then headed south on the A41 to Prees Heath RAB which was to be the hub of the course for the next 20 odd hours. Two circuits were used, one taking us down to the outskirts of Telford and back, a round trip of about 40 miles, the second much shorter circuit of 12 1/2 miles used mainly country lanes.

Our support camped out at Prees Heath RAB and did a fantastic job keeping us fed and watered. Keeping John fed is no mean feat. At about 10 o\'clock Sunday morning it was back up the A41 to the HQ area for the finishing circuit of 13 1/2 miles.

For the elite few the 24 is the chance to become National Champion with all the prestige, for the rest of us also-rans the goal is to be there at the end, make the finishing circuit and soak up the atmosphere.

100 solo riders and 3 tandems were on the start sheet, 10 DNS and 11 DNF. Ultan Coyle, Rapha Condor CC won with a distance of 488.993.
Great performance from Russ with 334.943, a gain of 8 miles from last year. I managed 379.287 , a drop of 22 miles from last year, training for next year starts Monday.

John is in the process of disputing his distance, I know from experience they do get it wrong sometimes.

Final word of thanks! to Tess , Gerry and Rachelle for being there, always alert and encouraging.