Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Time Trial Report, Week ending 20th May 2012

Thornton Weekly Time Trial Report

13th May, VTTA 30 run on the Q30/2 course, this event was efficiently run by John and Tess, assisted by many Thornton members plus Bob, Ali and Gary who gave up their Sunday morning to help the club.
 Four members took part Brian,1.27.51, Louise 1.30.17, Nick 1.40.25 (punctured) and Pat 1.52.39.

 John was the only member who took part in the Rye Wheelers 10 0n the Q10/33 on Friday recording 26.11, (clearly not used to riding on his own)

On Sunday was the SFA 50 on the Q50/11, the day started wet and windy with the rain easing and the wind increasing, not ideal conditions for a very exposed course. So top marks to the Thorntons who took part, Brian, Don, Rachelle, and John with Russ on the tandem.

Full results yet to be published.