Thursday, 19 April 2012

Story of a Wannabe Boy Racer - Race 2, 3 and 4

Race 2 (18/03/12)

I lined up with about 40 other 55+ racers for the start of a 49 mile road race. I hope all the lessons had been learnt from my first race. The first 4 miles were neutralised with us following the lead motor cyclist, only problem I had with this was we were already doing 25 mph. Other than the fast start everything had gone reasonably well and after about 8 miles I started to settle down. In fact the whole race was uneventful for me. I did a long pull on the front up a slow drag, kept looking over my shoulder but no one would come through the B******. Also towards the end four of us started to do through and off but this only lasted two rotates as no one was willing to commit themselves. So I finished in the Bunch without ever being at maximum, pleased with my efforts.

I have shown that I can finish a road race and a circuit race with the Bunch which is good for the confidence, I think the next stage is to be more aggressive and try and make my race.

Race 3 (25/03/12)

It’s Sunday and freezing at Hog Hill, many riders have longs, overshoes and gloves so I am freezing in my shorts and mitts. Lessons learnt from 2 weeks ago so as we lined up for the start I wheeled my bike from the back of the group to the front and started my Garmin. After the first third of a lap the speed rocketed up and stayed there. I was hold third wheel so was comfortable with this. As the race progressed I did find myself at the back a couple of times but made sure I didn’t stay there too long. At the first prime I went to the front but realised that I couldn’t match some of the other riders in the sprint. For the rest of the race I just tried to hold a good position and keep out of trouble. At the finishing sprint there was a clear difference in ability with the strongest 6 or 7 pulling away and I was best of the rest.

I was 8th and 4th in category

Race 4 (01/04/12)

It’s Sunday at Hog Hill once again and freezing, I have longs on and full gloves. Race started OK and after about 20 minutes 2 riders got away. I made a big effort to get across I got to within about 20 yards but couldn’t close the last bit; later I was to learn that one of the riders has been a double World Champion. I wait for the bunch and it seem like ages before they come up, so had opened a good gap on them. For the rest of the race did a bit of work on the front but mainly followed wheels, which seem to upset some riders. Seem to go well in the sprint at the finish

I was 6th and 3rd in category

That’s my spring campaign over now starting to build for May and June