Saturday, 14 April 2012

Detling Training sessions start this Tuesday 14th April.

These are a great workout for all abilities. The beauty is that you can never get dropped, as if the pace gets a little too high you just sit up and cruise for a lap, get your breath back and then join back in on the next lap. I'll be going to the first one on the 17th, hope to see a few Thornton flyers there. Do wear club colours as it all helps to promote the club.

I know Nick and Phil are starting to hit their racing form and could appreciate a famous green and yellow (with a smidgen of blue) lead out train making the rest of the peloton suffer!! Honestly these session are just plain good fun and will benefit all fitness levels.

Any questions give me a bell 07528781084 Diesel.

Detling training sessions start Tuesday 17th April, the 1 mile circuit is available from 6pm with the main training bash starting at 7pm for 1hr with an initial 15 minute 'ride together' and 45 mins thereafter of 'chase the wheel in front'.

If any of you are available earlier from 5pm to help sweep the circuit road it would be appreciated.
Cost is £2 for the evening and includes a free 'Coke' or Pepsi.

The evening is open to all comers, if you want to try out a new bike (TT or Road) then this is the place- traffic free and lots there to give advise.

Learn to ride in a group, learn to take tight corners as speed, learn how to suffer!!

See you all there.