Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Saturday Winter Ride

I will be organising a Saturday run from the Cafe at Hythe at 9.30am going to Rye where there will be a stop at the cafe next to the Harbour at the small round about next to chip shop.

The run will go via ‘Lower Wall Road’ to Newchurch ,proceeding to Ivychurch, proceeding to Brenzett roundabout. From there the run will proceed to Appledore then along the canal road to Rye around the one-way system to the cafe. I will be going at a steady 16-17 miles per hour, and it will be classed as a winter run just to get the miles in.

If anyone wishes to join in all are welcome. This is not an official club run but just ride to Rye each Saturday, and anyone can join in at any point in the route, or they can meet at either cafe.