Tuesday, 11 October 2011

AGM Proposals 2011

Below are the proposals that have been put forward so far…

Club Rides

  •  Danny Frost (when available) proposed as route leader for each club ride. He will decide route of each weeks ride.
  •  Designated Group Leader/Rear Gunner for club rides. Bob (when available) proposed as Group Leader for club runs. Group leader to advise on route direction, pace, timing, and distance of ride. Rear Gunner to ensure no one gets left behind/lost.
  •  Helmets must be worn on club runs. No exceptions to the rule. No helmet, no ride.
  •  Designated ‘sprint spots’ on club runs. Currently these locations are rather informal, and some could be considered dangerous e.g. the sprint into Bethersden ending at a junction/corner.
  •  Designated comfort break stops on each club run. Locations to be confirmed will hopefully prevent people being left behind when they stop.
  •  Extra loop for faster riders (perhaps 45 miles). It is planned that each group ride arrives back at the cafĂ© at approximately 11am.

2. Thornton RC Blog/Web

  •  Maps of Regular Club routes added to Blog/Thornton RC Website. May encourage new members to turn up for a ride, if they know the route/distance etc.
  •  Addition of a Forum on the Blog to encourage interaction between existing/potential club members. Advertise rides, items for sale etc.
  • Use existing Thornton RC Facebook account as a method for reaching out to new members and communicating with existing members.

3. Thornton Club Challenge ‘Race’

  • This event organised by Graham proved popular with Club members and saw a big turn out. Extend this event to a regular twice yearly event. Spring/Autumn.
  •  Divide 3-2-1 challenges into different age groups/rider categories to prevent the same few riders winning everything.
4. Attracting New Members

  •  Preference for wearing club shirts/kit on club runs. This will help to make the club clearly visible as a distinct entity that non members interested in cycling may wish to join.
  •  Annual Membership to include club Jersey for new members.

5. Club Organisation

  • Designated points of Contact for different aspects of the club e.g. –
- Racing
- TT’s
- Sportives
- Social
- Trips abroad/ within UK Peak district etc.
  •  Revise the name of the club to include reference to our actual location e.g. –
- Thornton and Romney Marsh
- Thornton and Hythe
6. Club Kit

  •  Change the design, or agree once and for all to remain as it is.
  • Alternative supplier for club caps. New caps to have plastic peak so they are washing machine friendly.

7. Racing/TT/Sportives

  •  There is an appetite amongst a number of club members for formalised racing. Therefore, it’s proposed the club affiliates to one or both of the following –
- South East Race League (SERRL)
  • Remove affiliation to the London Road Race League, if it exists. This is not something club members use of know about.
  •  Organise an Annual Thornton Sportive
8. Annual Awards Evening

  •  Revision of the format of the evening, this will hopefully make the evening more appealing to a broader range of the membership and more attractive to the younger members of the club.
  •  Danny Frost has offered to arrange the Annual Awards Evening this year to help relieve Gordon of this time consuming task.
  •  Do not purchase any more cups/trophies with club funds. These are viewed as unnecessary and a drain on limited resources. Replace cups/trophies with club shirts/riding equipment which will be of more value to regular club cyclists.
9. Website and blog
  •  Amalgamation of the website into the blog.
  •  All the present pages of the website will appear as static pages on the blog, accessible via the top navigation.
  • The domain thorntonrc.co.uk will still remain and be forwarded automatically to the blog.
  •  If the above is granted, there can be a static landing page created on the blog as a home page similar to the website, if requested.
  •  If a static landing page is requested, the blog posts landing page will still remain but will be accessible via navigation or sidebar link.
If anyone has more ideas, please email them. I'm handing Gordon and Mike the above today.