Friday, 12 August 2011

Bike Around Brands, 19th August 2011, 1830-2030

Bike Around Brands, 19th August 2011, 1830-2030

I've done this event the last couple of years and it was great fun.  It's a family friendly event organised by the Lions club where people of all ages get a chance to ride around Brands Hatch for two hours in return for raising a small amount of sponsorship.  The minimum is £10 for adults and £5 for 14 years old and under.

It tends to start off quite busy with riders of all ages and abilities battling their way around the circuit.  This means taking quite a bit of care picking a clear line through the crowds when climbing up to Druids for the first few laps.  The less enthusiastic riders soon resort to spectating leaving the track clear for the more keen riders!

There is a sponsorship/booking request form on the following website:

Alternatively you’ll be able to turn up and complete the form on the day.

I hope you’re able to come and join me representing Thornton RC at Brands.

Kind Regards

Nick (Wood)