Friday, 1 July 2011

Sussex 24 Hour TT

Few photos of the Midnight Half time,

Hopefully, we will have a few Reports from some of the participants!

From a Helpers point of view, it was an amazing race. Following my rider to each of the circuits, getting ahead of him with drinks and provisions ready.

The Night circuit was the most incredible, the car park by the Village Hall plus both sides of the road filled with parked cars. Helpers, Marshals, Spotters all going about their business, some seemed to manage to be getting beers from the Pub next to the Hall. I want that job next time.

The road approaching the Hall was a series of gentle down hill sections, so from the helper's point of view you could see a steady stream of twinkling lights slowly weaving toward the Hall (some not so slow I might add).

As the riders braked and found their helpers, there was a rush of activity, a push up the road, and the riders were off for another circuit, it was like a cycling version of ‘motor racing pit stops’.
Apart from the (tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue, soreness, mechanicals, dummy spitting), I’m sure if you asked any of the riders AFTER the event if they enjoyed it, they would have said ‘yes’. It's a shame it's not an annual event in our locality.

I think it's probably one of the most amazing feats of cycling and fitness I certainly have witnessed. Considering the winning mileage was clocked at over 540 miles in 24 hours, that is truly incredible.

You never know. I might even have a go in 10 years or whenever its back in this area.