Saturday, 14 May 2011

30-Mile Time Trial Sunday 15 May 2011

VTTA (Kent Group Championship) All Ages
30-Mile Time Trial Sunday 15 May 2011

To be held of the Q30/2 Course (Kingsnorth-Brookland-Kingsnorth)
(Headquarters at Kingsnorth Village Hall: first rider starts at 7:00 am)
Designated Helpers and Marshals

As in previous years, Thornton Road Club is assisting in the organisation and implementation of the annual VTTA (all ages) 30-mile championship time trial. Gordon Davis has already requested help from club members and others, and his list of each person’s designated function is given below. Bear in mind that the first rider starts at 7:00 am (not 6:30 am as specified in the Cycling Time Trials Handbook) which means particularly that marshals should be in position in good time shortly after the start time. Kingsnorth Village Hall will be open from about 6:00 am.

FunctionPerson responsible
Timekeeper at StartDavid Makey
Timekeeper at finishMrs Pat Hill
Pusher-off/Holder-upIan Fowler
Runner (start and finish times communicator)Russ Mason
Results board, Kingsnorth Village HallNeil Colvin
Results board assistant, Kingsnorth Village HallEric Bates
Catering, Kingsnorth Village HallToni Spain and Paul Hope
Race numbersTed Hill
Hamstreet and A2070Michael and Rachelle Pumphrey
Brookland roundaboutJane White and Tess Laker
Brenzett roundaboutRoy White and Kevin Mitchell
Bridgefarm roundaboutMalcolm Strickland and Peter Marchant
Cloverleaf roundaboutGraeme Pilcher and Steve Fish
Kingsnorth roundabout/Park Farm roundaboutBob Burdon, Alyson Nye, and Garry Booth
Reserve marshalNick Farrer
SignsNeil Colvin, Michael Winsor, and Gordon Davis
Eric Bates
12 May 2011