Monday, 17 January 2011

Thornton run RNLI cyclo-sportive 2011

Steve got a call the other day from the RNLI wanting to know if we would like to run a sportive with them. Their proposed route was Dungeness to Dover and back. They asked if we would do sponsorship but Steve felt that it would be better to have an entrance fee. We are thinking of doing a similar style event to the Lord Whisky cyclo-sportive, for those of you that have done that. With a £15 entrance fee and the sportive will have feed stations provided by the RNLI. A suggested time of the year is in September possibly, but must not clash with any other local events. It would be great for the profile of the club and it is on our doorstep. Please leave comments on this post or email your ideas and comments. Eric,Kev,Gordon,Steve and myself have had a brief chat already. We would like to hear the rest of the club's views/ideas. Don