Friday, 3 December 2010

Le Grand Depart 9.00 A.M.


Le Grand Depart  9.00 A.M. From outside The Grand Hotel.

We will ride as a peloton, to the junction 12 motorway roundabout, just outside Cheriton.  (Via Grimston  Gardens, Shorncliffe Rd, Risborough Lane onto Cheriton High st). (NEUTRAL ZONE)

Start in earnest after traversing  motorway roundabout, near Eurotunnel staff entrance/Tunnel Police station.

A20 all the way to Newingreen.
Newingreen to Lympne.
Lympne to Aldington, to Aldington Frith via clap hill.


Finish line to be last telegraph pole, at the end of the straight, before you hit the hill, down to the Good Intent Pub. 5,3 & 1 points respectively for 1st  three riders.   ( 13.00 miles)

Aldington Frith to the Sugarloaf crossroads (on the old Ashford/Hamstreet road).
Turn Left @ crossroads onto Hamstreet.
Turn Left in Hamstreet onto Ruckinge
At  Ruckinge turn Right  & follow road all the way to crossroads.  Turn Right @ crossroads towards  Ivychurch.


Finish to be @ the end of this long  straight, 300m before T Junction, @ last telegraph pole adjacent to house. (23.50 miles, points as previous sprint).  At  junction turn Left to Ivychurch.
Ivychurch onto St Mary in the Marsh,  & then onto Newchurch. (all as Thornton 10 mile TT)

Turn Right in Newchurch & then continue onto Large White House crossroads.  Turn left  @ crossroads  &  then right up Knoll hill. 


3,2 & 1 points for 1st 3 riders respectively.
At the top of hill, turn left onto Aldington.  First left in Aldington & back down to Large White house crossroads.  Turn left here onto Lower wall road & continue all the way to West Hythe.  Up  Lympne hill 


 5, 3 & 1 points as before.
At the  top, turn right onto Hythe.  Go through Hythe & up Blackhouse hill.  


  5, 3 & 1 points.  At Beachborough  roundabout, turn Right, back onto A20 towards Folkestone.
At first set of traffic lights in Cheriton, turn Right, back onto Risborough Lane.  Take first Left onto Shorncliffe Road.  Follow full length of Shorncliffe road all the way until the Castle Hill roundabout.  Turn right here, & continue the full length onto The Leas.  Turn right opposite the Leas Cliff Hall and follow all the way on The Leas Road until the finish @ the Grand.


All as the 50 mile route, up to the good intent pub @ Aldington Frith.  Turn Left here and follow road all the way until T junction with B2067.  Turn right onto Bilsington.  Turn Left in Bilsington down onto the Marsh.  Turn 1st Left,  &  then 1st Right & then Left @ T junction & onto the large whitehouse crossroads.  Traverse across crossroads onto Lower Wall Road, following signposts towards Hythe.  At Hythe follow the A259 all the way back to the Grand.