Wednesday, 19 May 2010

White Horse Challenge 2010

Three Thornton members took part in this years White Horse Challenge on Sunday 25th April 2010, Chris Wells, Ian McMahon and Danny Frost, a 150KM sportive in Shivringham Wiltshire. We traveled down the night before and stayed in a Travel Lodge in Swindon to be fresh at the start; the location being 5 miles from the start. With a good Italian found and plenty of pasta (but too many Peroni's) we went to bed expecting blue sky's. Chris grabbed the double bed but this may be taking things too far!
It was no better in the shower as Ian decided his bike needed cleaning:
We awoke to overcast and winter drizzle which thankfully never materialized into rain, albeit it was not warm. For those that have not done this event, it is worth doing. It was well organised with a good route, virtually no traffic and around six climbs. I forgot my water bottles which resulted in stopping at both feed stops, a decision which resulted in no cramps and feeling strong at the finish, maybe a good sign for the Pyrenees raid i am doing in June or maybe I did not work hard enough?
The results for Thornton members are below, it would be great to see more club members next year as this a good route which provides a challenges and a quick route.
Danny FrostM40-49Thornton RC4:53:10.0Gold30.699
Ian McMahonM40-49Thornton RC5:31:22.4Silver27.16
Chris WellsM40-49Thornton RC5:31:25.3Silver
Danny Frost