Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Thornton Road Club moves up a gear!

Excellent turn out for Sundays ride. 17.01.2010
The snow had all but gone and the sun was shining, so this was the first 'real' sunday ride of 2010. Rusty chains had been oiled up and the new cycling Christmas presents along with a few extra kilos of festive indulgence were on show.
There was an excellent turn out for the ride across the Marsh to Brenzett, Appledore, Woodchurch and back and it was pariticularly encouraging to welcome 4 new riders to the club. 14 riders set off with the faster group, 9 with the intermediate and 4 with the leisure group. The return to the cafe was a little late following a few punctures, but there was enthusiastic talk of the year ahead and future events.
Any new riders out there are welcome to join us next sunday (or any sunday) at the Light Railway cafe in Hythe at 9am (or 10am for the leisure group).
Richard Foster