Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Mudguardless on the Marsh: a gentle remonstrance

Nowhere is coffee as good as that served at the Railway Café in Hythe, especially after a couple of hours of hard riding in the muscle-shrinking cold and wet of a winter Sunday morning. But cold and wet also means damp and dirty, especially for the seats of the pants of riders whose bikes are without mudguards.

Damp and dirty also means possible damage or staining to the upholstered chairs in the café unless the rider in search of rest and refreshment is very careful. The gentlest of remonstrances has been made by the Railway Café for riders to take more care when using the regular upholstered chairs.

If you are damp and dirty, then place an old newspaper on the seat before sitting on it. Otherwise, select a metal stacking chair from the supply conveniently available by the bar. Such a chair may not be quite as handy as a regular one but it is immune from unintended damage by us, the damp and dirty.

Eric Bates