Monday, 26 October 2009

Hell Of The Ashdown

With the season ending and winter approaching, it will be good to get another good Thornton turn out this time for the Hell of the Ashdown. I have done the event for the last two years and it is a good event. The distance is only 60 miles and the climbs are no worse than the Kent Sportive and there is nothing like that final climb!

Entries fill up quickly, within a week! as it is a good event and therefore very popular. Entries open on midnight 31st October 2009 via:

You have to select a time lets all go for around 9:00am, it will be great to have a good turnout again. The event is not as fast as the jet sportive due to the undulating route as is basically an early season endurance ride; hope to see you al there?

Danny Frost