Wednesday, 12 August 2009


The Kent Cycling Association 12 Hour Time Trial took place on Sunday 9th August. 5 Thornton riders took part this year to test themselves in the ultimate one day challenge.
The hero of the day was Michael Pumphrey who rode an amazing distance of 244.653 miles which earned him 6th place overall. Michael also won the award for best improvement over the last 3 years (23.43 miles). Michael's great acheivement means that he has now beaten the longest-standing club record. The previous record for 12 hours was held by Frank Rose for over 50 years with a distance of 242 miles. Congratulations Michael!
The 55 starters' prayers for good weather were certainly met - conditions were close to perfect. The north easterly wind was very light and the sun was shining nearly all day and brought with it a max temperature of around 23 degrees.
The field was much stronger than last year and this was illustrated by the fact that 8 riders surpassed the 240 mile mark. In first place was Richard Masters from Wigmore CC with a distance of 257.977.
The Thornton riders results are as follows:
Michael Pumphrey 244.653
Colin Tuckwell 224.904
Russ Mason 195.000
Bey Lainson 156.712
Russ and Bey's efforts merit a special mention as they successfully completed their first "12". It takes a lot of stamina and determination to achieve what they did and they both deserve praise of the highest order.
Unfortunately Rob Wheeler had to abandon around the 160 mile mark due to being violently sick. I can confirm that he has since made a speedy recovery.
This event was in serious jeopardy of being lost for good at one point. In 2006 only 20 riders entered. However it has enjoyed a wonderful renaissance in recent times and long may it continue.
No one can complete a 12 hour event without the assistance of friends and family so a big thank you goes to everyone who cheered by the roadside and kept the energy drinks and malt loaf flowing. Thank you Gordon, Graeme, Rachelle, Elaine, Jane, Roy and all the others who supported our efforts. As for the ladies in the lay-by on the A28 on the finishing circuit, you were awesome!
Best wishes
Colin Tuckwell