Friday, 3 October 2008

Kent Cycling Association 12 Hour Time Trial,13th August 2008

Three riders represented the club: Michael Pumphrey, Shaun Boorman and Colin Tuckwell. Shaun was using the event as a training session for his forthcoming IronMan Triathlon. For all 3 of us it was our first stab at a ‘12’. Persistent rain blighted the first hour or so, but then the clouds cleared away and for the remainder of the day we had warm, sunny conditions. However there was a very strong wind right through to the conclusion of the event which made things very tough in places. The fine results we achieved would not have been possible without the support received from friends and family. In particular I’d like to thank Gordon and Matthew for providing us with a steady stream of food and drink and for being out on the course for almost the whole 12 hours. You simply cannot survive a ‘12’ without this kind of help. It amazed me how quickly the hours passed and the miles clocked up. An event of this magnitude is as much a mental battle as it is a physical one. To make things manageable I broke the 12 hours down into smaller chunks with lots of mini goals on the way as opposed to thinking ’12, 11, 10, 9, etc.’ I also accepted that there’d be times when I would suffer physically as indeed I did with terrible backache around 5 hours into the ride caused by adopting a low tuck position which my body was unaccustomed to for such a long period. I remedied this with painkillers and changing my riding position to a more traditional one. I set myself a target for the amount of miles I hoped to cover and after about 10 hours I realized I was ahead of schedule. This gave me a tremendous lift for the last couple of hours and during this time I felt stronger than I had all day. A large throng of supporters had gathered by the Bull Inn at Bethersden on the finishing circuit and they too provided a great boost. In the end it was a great relief when the 12 hours were up. There was great camaraderie back at the event HQ afterwards where everyone one was sharing their experiences with each other. For the record, 42 riders completed the event out of 52 starters. The winning distance was 266.091 miles by Garry Banfield of Kent Cycles RC. Thornton results were:
Colin Tuckwell 232.580 miles 7th place Michael Pumphrey 221.226 miles 12th place Shaun Boorman 188.452 miles 30th place
By Colin Tuckwell