Sunday, 15 January 2006

Events 2006

Four Thornton Road Club members entered the 2006 New Year's Day 10-mile time trial organised by Southborough & District Wheelers. Ridden on the Q10/10 Bethersden-Singleton-Bethersden course in a sharp west wind and cold squally rain, 49 riders in all completed the course. The fastest rider, unsurprisingly, was Sean Yates (In-Gear Quickvit) at 22 min 30 sec. Thornton's Gordon Davis won fourth prize for his improvement over his previous best time on the course. Results for the four Thornton RC riders are shown in the table below. Albert (Bey) Lainson rode the last 2.5 miles of the course gingerly and unhurriedly because of a punctured front tyre, which partly explains his excess over the veteran's time standard.
Name Vet/Non-vet Age Previous best time Vet standard Time taken
Eric Bates Vet 68 28:24 31:45 31:24
Paul Gunner Non-vet 34:18 35:52
Albert Lainson Vet 72 32:11 32:46 36:35
Gordon Davis Vet 68 41:29 31:45 41:13
Note: Vet = veteran
There were five Thornton Road Club entries in the 10-mile open time trial organised by Southborough & District Wheelers on 18 March 2006. Seventy-two riders in all registered for the event. The course was the Q10/33 (Tenterden, Appledore, Woodchurch, Tenterden), which is normally fast because it has few turns and a rapid one-mile descent in its first half. Conditions on 18 March however were far from ideal, with an exceptionally strong cold east wind, which appeared to affect most riders. Peter Tadros (In Gear RT) recorded the fastest time of 23 minutes 33 seconds - almost 4 minutes slower than his best time. Paul gunner of Thornton RC gained third prize for his improvement over his previous time (a gain of 39 seconds), while Don Houghton was the club's fastest rider on the day (29 minutes, 45 seconds). The overall results were as follows:
Name Time on 18/3/06 Previous best time for a 10
Donald Houghton 29:45 28:41
Ian Fowler 31:53 28:17
Russ Mason 33:27 30:52
Paul Gunner 33:39 34:18
Albert (Bey) Lainson 37:08 32:11
Best time on the day:  
Peter Tadros (In Gear RT) 23:33 19:50
Six club time trials are scheduled for summer in 2006 on the Newchurch/Ivychurch 10-mile course (Q10/8). From May to August, at two to three week intervals, the rides alternate between Tuesday evenings (7.00 pm start) and Saturday mornings (7.30 am start). In all cases, race headquarters are at Newchurch Village Hall, where riders should register at least half an hour before the start of the time trial. Details are as follows:
23 May Tuesday 7.00 pm Newchurch Village Hall
3 June Saturday 7.30 am Newchurch Village Hall
20 June Tuesday 7.00 pm Newchurch Village Hall
1 July Saturday 7.30 am Newchurch Village Hall
18 July Tuesday 7.00 pm Newchurch Village Hall
5 August Saturday 7.30 am Newchurch Village Hall
2006 Time Trial Results (10 miles):
St Mary-in-the-Marsh/Newchurch/Ivychurch course
Results of the time trials for the 2006 season, held on the Thornton RC course on Romney Marsh, are shown below. Early season weather was windier than normal, which meant hard riding and protracted times. Enthusiasm was undimmed however.
23 May 06 
David Williams  V C Deal 25:19:00
Jeremy Temple  Kent Cycles 26:07:00
Donald Houghton  Thornton RC 27:34:00
David Wheeler  Thornton RC 29:43:00
R Harrow  Rye & Dist 30:06:00
Jim Holland  Rye & Dist 34:26:00
Bey Lainson  Thornton RC 35:21:00
Julie Bryant (Mrs)  Rye & Dist  Female 37:19:00
Kevin Hall  Rye & Dist 38:00:00
Jamie Bryant  Rye & Dist  Juvenile 39:17:00
Weather conditions were very windy
03 Jun 06
Trevor Bridge  Rye & Dist 25:30:00
Dave Spice  Rye & Dist 26:04:00
Barney Reed  Rye & Dist  Juvenile 27:39:00
R Harrow  Rye & Dist 28:44:00
Eric Bates  Thornton RC 29:18:00
Tony Farmer  Ashford Whs 29:54:00
Ian Fowler  Thornton RC 30:07:00
Sue Spice  Rye & Dist  Female 30:07:00
Nick Reed  Rye & Dist 30:43:00
Jim Holland  Rye & Dist 31:08:00
Kevin Hall  Rye & Dist 34:52:00
Julie Bryant (Mrs)  Rye & Dist  Female 35:31:00
Jamie Bryant  Rye & Dist  Juvenile DNF
Weather conditions were fine with no significant wind
DNF = did not finish
20 Jun 06
Dave Wheeler Thornton RC 26:15:00
Bill Waters  Rye & Dist 26:36:00
Don Houghton  Thornton RC 27:14:00
Michael Pumphrey  Thornton RC  1st time trial 27:57:00
Gary Booth  Rye & Dist 30:03:00
Eric Bates  Thornton RC 30:49:00
Russ Mason  Thornton RC 31:22:00
Jim Holland  Rye & Dist 31:41:00
Ian Fowler  Thornton RC 31:48:00
Kevin Hall  Rye & Dist 34:21:00
Weather conditions very windy.
01 Jul 06
Steve Clarke  Ashford Whs 23:56:00
Trevor Bridge  Rye & Dist 25:03:00
Dave Sprice  Rye & Dist 25:08:00
Jeremy Temple  Kent Cycles   25:28:00
Don Houghton  Thornton RC 25:32:00
Colin Tuckwell  Thornton RC 26:51:00
Rod Harrow  Rye & Dist 28:20:00
Tony Farmer  Ashford Whs 28:29:00
Eric Bates  Thornton RC 28:52:00
Gary Booth  Rye & Dist 28:53:00
Ian Fowler  Thornton RC 28:58:00
Jeff Lyle  Thornton RC 1st time trial 29:47:00
Sue Spice  Rye & Dist 30:15:00
Bey Lainson  Thornton RC 32:15:00
Kevin Hall  Rye & Dist 33:15:00
Gordon Davis  Thornton RC 36:49:00
Weather conditions were excellent; a gentle east wind,
sunny and warm.
18 Jul 06
David Williams  V C Deal New course record by 21" 23:31:00
Dave Wheeler  Thornton RC Best time on course 24:43:00
Michael Pumphrey  Thornton RC Best time on course 26:30:00
John East  Thornton RC 1st time trial 28:27:00
Eric Bates  Thornton RC 28:52:00
Richard Foster  Thornton RC 1st time trial 29:23:00
Jim Holland  Rye & Dist Fastest 10 for 3 years 29:57:00
Bey Lainson  Thornton RC Best time on course 31:21:00
Jamie Bryant  Rye & Dist Juvenile 32:18:00
Julie Bryant (Mrs)  Rye & Dist Female 33:43:00 
Weather fine.
05 Aug 06
Trevor Bridge  Rye & Dist 24:46:00
Jeremy Temple  Kent Cycles 25:16:00
Dave Spice  Rye & Dist 25:37:00
Eric Bates  Thornton RC 28:45:00
Gary Booth  Rye & Dist 29:29:00
Malcolm Strickland  CC Bexley 29:44:00
Jeff Lyle  Thornton RC 30:03:00
Sue Spice  Rye & Dist 30:41:00
Ian Fowler  Thornton RC 30:48:00
Gordon Davis  Thornton RC 38:22:00
 Weather fine.
Dorset Ironman Competition
Club rider Shaun Boorman completed the Ironman competition held in Dorset in August 2006. The course included a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile cycle ride, and a 26.2-mile run.
Shaun’s time for the swim, ride, and run were respectively (in hours, minutes, and seconds) 1:09:42, 6:20:47, and 5:07:17. He finished 628th from a field of 1,100 contestants.
Selected results for the VTTA (Kent Group) 15 miles time trial
for veterans and non-veterans.
Held on Sunday 1 October 2006 on the Q15/6 course
41 riders completed the course
Finishing position in group Shirt number Age Standard time Actual time Difference +/-
14 9 Eric Bates 69 00.48.00 00.45.49 +00.02.1123 4
Albert A Lainson 73 00.49.33 00.51.56 -00.02.2324 44
Ian Fowler 57 00.43.39 00.46.50 -00.03.11
28 17 Simon Gibbs 41 00.38.33 00.44.19 -00.05.46
30 37 Steve Gates 42 00.38.51 00.47.34 -00.08.43
32 1 Gordon Davis 69 00.48.00 01.01.28 -00.13.28
Seniors (aged 40 and under) - 9 riders
7 47 Stephen Bunn s None 00.40.56 Not applicable
8 12 Donald Houghton s None 00.41.41 Not applicable
Fastest rider on the day
1 50 Phil Bull (VC Elan) 50 00.41.20 00.33.18 +00.08.02
Weather conditions included a strong northwesterly wind with occasional showers, implying a severe head wind on the outwards six miles from Appledore to Rye, and an exhilarating following wind on the eight-mile section from Rye to Brenzett. Temperature was an unseasonable 16 degrees to 21 degrees Celsius.
Steve Bunn’s ride of 00:40:56 set a new club record for a 15-mile time trial.